Legal Issues Regarding Kratom are Heating Up!

legal issues

Legal issues regarding Kratom are heating up once again!

Unfortunately our government officials don’t bother to gather ALL the facts. We know this because if they did they definitely would not compare kratom to heroin- anyone who’s ever experienced kratom knows full well that it’s more like coffee than heroin!

There is a great fight happening right now in NEW JERSEY and many other states, and you can help! Write to those representatives trying to ban this amazing plant- I do! Remember- every letter counts! You can help make the difference!

Here is the link to the bill currently being introduced in New Jersey:

You can clearly see that they want to steal our kratom shipments and this is already happening to many of us!

kratom plant

Here is the link to our friends at outlining the current legality in each state.

HELP US KEEP KRATOM LEGAL – Many depend on it for relief and it’s their only chance to live a quality pain-free life.