New Kratom Strain “Sama Sama”

New Kratom Strain

The Malaysian word for “together”. Sama Sama- that is our new kratom strain. Sama Sama is jointly, in concert, collectively, simultaneously, energy and pain relief together! Que the John Lennon music “come together- right now- over me”…oh wait-it’s not music we’re talking about, this is our own new kratom strain that we are proud to provide for you. Check it out!

kratom powderWe mixed a little magic “Sama Sama” (together) and came up with this amazingly refreshing and energetic combination that also knocks out pain. We call it the “whole-in-one” kratom for those that want to benefit from both the energy and pain relief this amazing plant provides. Our kratom is sourced direct from Southeast Asia and is meticulously inspected for quality and freshness, and of course we guarantee your satisfaction 100%. Check out this new kratom strain – it seriously rocks!

Why Use Sama Sama?

People have been utilizing various types of kratom for centuries. Kratom “Mitragyna Speciosa” is a plant native to Southeast Asia. It has been used to kill pain, alleviate anxiety, help with sleep issues, and to help you just plain feel good.


Do you have those days where you would rather stay in the warm bed than get up for work? Are those days becoming more and more frequent? Well give our new kratom strain Sama Sama a try- you might just find yourself jumping out of bed in the morning with ease and a new spring in your step. We have come up with this proprietary strain that is also especially suited to replace your pharmaceutical opiate needs. Not only can it alleviate your pain, it will also help you kick the energy up a notch.

leaving pain

Kratom is known for alleviating the ugly withdrawl symptoms related to pharmaceutical opiate use. It is organic- completely natural, not made in a lab somewhere by someone with a six figure paycheck, and hey-it won’t cost you a six figure paycheck either. Seriously- you have to try this new kratom strain!

no drugs

Or, if you are seeking a bit more of a mellow kratom, then you might want to try our Malaysian Green instead. Here is what one reviewer said back on October 2, 2014 “I tried their Malaysian Green looking for a strain that gives you energy, but not too much- and I found it. I like this Malay a lot. Will definitely be ordering again”.

So there you have it – Kratom is awesome – don’t you think?