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The use of Kratom spans an uncertain but long timeline, and appears to have been isolated in southeastern Asia. It has been used for both medical and recreational purposes. Throughout history, opium use was widespread throughout much of South-East Asia. Some addicts turned to Kratom as a substitute when opium could not be found. Kratom was also used by laborers to help them through the long, hot work day. Generally, Kratom users were considered more desirable workers, it is said that Kratom users seemed to be better workers. In 1897 H. Ridley reported that the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa were a cure for opium addiction. 1943 saw the prohibition of Kratom when Thailand made it illegal to possess, cultivate or consume. Though Kratom has been used for a long time, it does not enjoy a rich, often romanticized history like some other ethnobotanicals. But it is becoming more popular and for good reason. Whether its pain …  Bali, anxiety or sleep issues … Indo, or the need for energy … Maeng Da; there’s a Kratom for that!

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