Kratom Testimonials – Read This!

Kratom Testimonials


Kratom Testimonials. What Kind of People Use Kratom?

One of the most inspiring kratom testimonials that I have come across is from a woman who served in the military. Here is her story as I heard it:

“After serving in multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, I found myself suffering from not only physical pain from multiple head injuries, but also from back and knee injuries as well. I left the Army and was given Oxycodone by the VA to help manage my pain. Despite trying to be careful about the use of this drug, I found myself craving it more and more. I also found that I would have severe mood swings while on it, not to mention the withdrawals if I decided not to take it for a day or if I ran out. When the Oycodone wore off the pain returned ten-fold, prompting me to take more. After years of using it, the effects lasted less than an hour. I was constantly tired and found it difficult to perform daily tasks. Without the drug, however, I was often in too much pain to go about my daily business. The Oxy also did nothing for the migraines caused by the brain injury, nor did it help my neuropathy. My life was a pain-filled misery. A couple of years ago, I discovered kratom and began substituting it for the Oxycodone. I found that, unlike the Oxy, I could take kratom for a week or two straight without tolerance issues and then stop taking it without withdrawals. The more I substituted Kratom for Oxy while I was in pain, the less depressed I felt. The mood swings I was experiencing eased up also. There was no nausea, tiredness, or rebound pain. I didn’t crave kratom or have to take it out of fear that I would experience awful withdrawal symptoms. I can take it on a day when the pain is bad and not take it the next few days or weeks without being sick and agitated like with the prescription drugs given to me by the VA. It demolishes the migraines and relieves pain from my nerve damage. With no mental cloudiness or tiredness from kratom, I can go about my life with relative ease and now have a more normal existence. I have not renewed my Oxycodone prescription for months and I had stopped taking them long before that. Kratom gave me my life back. I would really appreciate it if the government wouldn’t take that away from me again…”

If this is not an inspiring kratom testimonial which attests to the pure benefits of Kratom, then I don’t know what is. This is one of the best kratom testimonials that illustrates many of the known benefits of Kratom. This story offers us a distinct look into what kind of people Kratom helps. Kratom doesn’t discriminate, it can help you also.


Check out this video in the mix of Kratom testimonials from an everyday construction guy:


“A friend told me about Kratom Divine and man I am glad I checked it out. It you are looking for good quality STRONG Maeng Da this is the place. The only only place I will buy mine from now on. The service was excellent and the shipping fast. I couldn’t ask for more really”.

(Posted to kratomdiivne on 4/23/14)

“I love the energy from this Maeng Da. If you are looking for energy you found it- try this Maeng Da you will not be disappointed”.

(Posted to KratomDivine on 4/19/14)

You heard it here- some great Kratom testimonials.

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  1. I had surgery on my foot and both hips replaced a few years ago. It has been very hard to let the oxycontin go. I’ve been tapering to 1/2 of one every day. As soon as I received my order of Sama Sama, and I took it, it was as if a weight had been lifted off me. My movements are more fluid and I feel great! Thank you Wendi for all your help!

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