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Zen is a very popular ultra premium kratom extract brand. It is known for it’s energizing effect. There is no cheap chemical solvent used in extracting this Maeng Da Kratom. It is the highest quality kratom extract on the market today because it is made utilizing an expensive high pressure cold water extraction method. This method preserves the delicate alkaloids and ensures they are not lost in the process. It costs more than some other brands, sure, but those who have experienced it will tell you it is well worth the cost. According to users, Zen Ultra Premium Maeng Da kratom extract is very euphoric and is praised for it’s energizing effects. If you are looking to enter a “Zen” state, then try some of this amazing extract. Maybe Donald Sterling should check it out and chill out with his inappropriate public comments!

Is Kratom Addictive?

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Our thoughts are that people who claim that kratom is addictive have never used it, and likely know no one who has ever used it. Kratom is as addictive as coffee is. We’ve spoken to countless kratom users who are also coffee drinkers, and the consensus is always the same. If anyone who has drank coffee for years tries to quit, it would be essentially the same effect for someone who has used Kratom for years and tries to quit. So, if you ever hear someone claim that “kratom is addictive” tell them yeah, it’s about as addictive as coffee, and you probably aren’t giving up your coffee anytime soon-right?

Is Kratom Unhealthy?


No. Not at all. While it is true that many people may have side effects from using Kratom, this is usually due to the fact that they mixed it with other things, or ate too much of it. Eating too much Kratom can produce nausea at mild levels. While there have not been many long-term studies on the long-term effects of Kratom use, personal experience with people who have used for several years suggests that there are no long-term side effects. Kratom should not be consumed by people under the age of 18, on the same grounds that coffee should not be consumed by children. Consuming large amounts of kratom can be dangerous, as can large amounts of coffee. Mixing kratom with other substances is also not advised due to adverse effects. Zen Ultra Premium Kratom extract is not for beginners, and should only be used by experienced Kratom users.

Why Do People Use Kratom?

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We’ve learned that people use kratom for many reasons ranging from treating depression, anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain, migraines, etc. Kratom has many uses for many different ailments. Many people who use Kratom report they used to use more severe pharmaceutical drugs to treat their ailments. Having experienced far too many side effects, they now choose to use kratom. Kratom may help your depression when used on a regular basis in small amounts. Kratom has also been used by many people as a cure for addiction to various drugs, even hardcore illegal drugs. If that is you, check out our blog post about kratom and withdrawl, it is packed with good information and might just help you out.

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