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Yes, KRATOM IS COMPLETELY SAFE if used responsibly. There are no known serious medical conditions related to kratom use, and it is not suspected to promote addiction or withdrawal. In fact, kratom is known to be an remarkable tool for helping those with drug dependencies to stop using hardcore opiates, and we are sure those folks would agree that it is considerably more affordable.

What if I use too much?

Is kratom safe? What if I use too much kratom for your body to handle at one time? The nastiest side effects you may experience are nausea and in extreme cases maybe vomiting, or you may also experience lack of sleep (with the energetic strains like Maeng Da) or intense desire for sleep (with the more relaxing strains like Bali). Don’t worry, these effects will wear off pretty quickly though.

What is the right amount to use?

There may be some trial and error involved in determining the right amount, as with any herbal. So, be smart and start with a smaller amount of each variety of kratom, and then you can gradually increase the amount over many sessions until you achieve the desired benefits, and find the one you like the best.

It has been said that as a rule of thumb, amounts under 10 grams are considered very gentle, 10-20 grams constitutes a mild to more intense effect, while 20-30 grams and above will produce the most powerful sensations. For those of you that live by ounces not grams, there is roughly 28 grams in an ounce. That darn metric system! Maybe they should have made it mandatory in the 6th grade, huh?

Oh- and one more thing- God made us all different so listen to your gut and do your own thing when it comes to how much to use (some only use a teaspoon at a time)!

Keep Calm and Kratom On!


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