CBD (Cannabidiols) FAQ Answered

Hemp Cbd Strip



What is CBD and what does it stand for? 

CBD is one of the naturally occurring chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. The full name is Cannabidiol.

How is CBD different from THC?

THC and CBD are the most prevalent of all the cannabinoids or chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. THC is most known for it’s psychoactive effects. It is responsible for the “high” you feel when you medicate. CBD, unlike THC, is NOT psychoactive. Both THC and CBD however provide distinct medicinal benefits and they can work alone or together at the same time in your body.

What are CBD‘s used for?

There are a number of illnesses that CBD could be used for. Our Hemp CBD Strips contain anti-inflammatory properties which may be beneficial to arthritis sufferers. The analgesic or pain relieving effects have a broad application helping people suffering from a number of ailments from chronic pain to migraines. CBD may also be used to treat anxiety, PTSD, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Cancer. Patients undergoing chemotherapy may find relief from anti-nausea effects. In addition, CBD can be helpful in combating the negative side effects brought on by prescription drugs or treatments such as chemotherapy. For a full list of ailments CBD is used for visit http://www.projectcbd.org.

How often should I take it?

The amount to use is different for everyone because well- everyone is different. Researchers are still trying to pinpoint exact dosage recommendations for specific conditions. Some may take our Hemp CBD Strips once a day, twice a day, or even three times a day. Speak with your doctor to find what is right for you. The best part is there’s no risk of cannabis overdose; ¬†cannabis is non-toxic.

How will I know if it is working for me?

You may just notice that your pain is relieved, or your joints feel better since you won’t feel any psychoactive effects. How often you take it is up to you. Consult your Cannabis physician if you have questions-they are the experts.

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