kratom helps anxiety

Kratom helps anxiety. Here is a testimonial of the fact that kratom helps anxiety.

I wanted to share my surprising experience with kratom in hopes that I might help others. For me, kratom helps anxiety. I have been addicted to Vicodin for seven years. I was in a state of constant stress and anxiety all the time due to hiding this fact from my husband and fearing detox without him knowing, and our four children ages 1 to 12. For three years I could not go more than two weeks without getting sick, and thought I was dying and would never feel healthy again. A while ago I finally told my husband and was ready for detox. I already knew of kratom but only used it twice before so I decided to use it for the withdrawl symptoms, as I had heard that it is good for that. What came of it was truly a godsend. I felt virtually no symptoms and was able to get through the first week. After that I decided to continue to use kratom for a couple of months to get through the depression I was experiencing.

Kratom Benefits

Since then I have experienced benefits that I never knew kratom provided. Kratom helps anxiety! It feels like every ounce of anxiety has left my body. I can’t believe I never knew kratom was the answer for anxiety. I walk around super happy and have fun being silly with my kids. If I get angry it quickly subsides instead of lingering and bothering me for hours like before. Also I haven’t gotten sick for weeks and have never felt so healthy. I also enjoy the energy I seem to get from it. I definitely believe kratom can be used to help anxiety, and I say don’t wait, do it now, and you will feel better too. I find the Premium Bali to be the best one. It really helps me stay cool, calm, and collected. Maeng Da and Red Vein Thai were a bit too energetic for me, so I’m just sticking with the Bali.

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One of the most common reasons people seek out kratom is to manage pain and other medical symptoms from opiate withdrawl. Fatigue, anxiety, or depression aren’t far behind, therefore, if you are experiencing symptoms from opiate withdrawl you will find it helpful to read on. It has long been understood that kratom held promise for those suffering from addiction to opium and opiate-based medication. Thus, leading to opiate withdrawl. Christopher R. McCurdy, who is a faculty member at the University of Mississippi’s School of pharmacy, has been studying kratom’s use in breaking addiction and alleviating opiate withdrawal.

According to the self-published article in Addiction, he first tried a tea, and then later isolated the active compound in kratom: mitragynine. He reportedly found it superior to methadone when used to manage a patient’s opiate withdrawl.

“Mitragynine completely blocked all opiate withdrawal symptoms and could provide a remarkable step-down-like treatment for people addicted to hardcore narcotics such as morphine, oxycodone or heroin,” McCurdy said. “The compound has been known for years” he said. We just need to get the word out. Maybe we can help these folks who experience opiate withdrawl leave addiction in their past and turn their lives around.

Opiate Use in Thailand

Thailand is the perfect example. Workers in Thailand used to chew the leaves of the kratom tree in order to gain the stamina and energy they needed to get through the day (without opiates). Opiates were and continue to be very expensive and taxed heavily. Kratom was and continues to be much more affordable. Additionally, kratom wasn’t taxed by the Thai government. Thus the past ban on kratom in Thailand. (Since opiates were a great infusion to the tax base for the Thai government, they had to ban kratom which caused them to lose out on millions of dollars). However, the ban was lifted in 2013.

Also here’s some highlights from an excerpt from an article the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published:

“Opioids drive continued increase in drug OD deaths”, “Drug overdose deaths increase for 14th consecutive year”

Drug overdose deaths increased for the 14th consecutive year in 2013, according to an analysis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The findings are published today in a research letter, “Pharmaceutical Overdose Deaths, United States, 2013,” in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

There you have it-in black and white; opiate overdose deaths are on the rise…..if you are experiencing the nasty side effects from opiate withdrawl then kratom just might be your answer. Want to get your life back? Want to manage the symptoms so you can go to work and function from day to day? Toss the opiates and try kratom. Check out the Maeng Da, the strongest and most popular choice. You will save literally thousands of dollars and your symptoms just may be diminished and become manageable! You will never know unless you try. We would love to be of service to you and help you gain your way back to the freedom to “live” without opiates. Is it going to be easy? No! Is it possible? Absolutely.


On Kratom and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

winter bluesThe winter blues, blahs, or SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is from confinement under constantly overcast winter skies or long, arctic nights. Then there is a condition known as “cabin fever” or agitation and anxiety from confinement while snowed in. Long, overcast periods and wearing lots of warm clothing outdoors invites a lack of sunshine induced vitamin D3 and this deficiency can lead to depression. This is where Kratom comes in to save the day. Maeng Da to the rescue! It’s stimulant effects can lift you out of any funk from SAD or other depression. But remember, our quality Kratom manifests its effects quickly, so if you require a good nights rest, be sure to use it in the morning.


Maeng Da Kratom – What are the benefits of these kratom caps?


What are the benefits of Maeng Da kratom? Our kratom caps are available in the most popular strain: Maeng Da kratom. You may of heard about the benefits of kratom caps and how the effects of Maeng Da kratom are preferred over other types of kratom. First, what is Maeng Da kratom and how does it differ from normal readily available kratom strains? Commercially available Maeng Da kratom is grown on the world’s largest legal plantation in Malaysia, it is renowned and well respected for its potency and active at between 1 and 2 grams. What makes Maeng Da kratom identifiable is its shape, it is similar to any other kratom but has an unusual shaped tip and “edges that taper off into a point”. These points appear on the whole leaf down each side. Studies have revealed to people that these rare and special kratom leaves have extremely high alkaloid content! In South East Asia kratom trees grow untouched in their natural environment- 100% organic. The benefits of organic kratom caps are the effects, they are far smoother than genetically grown kratom and the effect is clean and smooth. This is where our knowledge and experience saves you the time of trying to find the ultimate quality kratom caps. Organic Maeng Da has been proven to be preferred over farmed trees. We have mapped these locations and work direct with a select few farmers that respect the quality of these special leaves. These farmers care about quality and responsibly harvest their kratom keeping the environment in mind. Each time a tree is harvested young shoots are planted from that tree making sure the strain is always regenerated for future harvests. The disadvantage to organic Maeng Da kratom is the supply availability and its price. It can be hard to get ahold of but our Kratom caps have never been better, we have built strong relationships with our farmers, and are rarely out of stock. We are now able to offer you unmatched quality at a very good price due to our personal investment in the farmers futures and continued support. If your looking for some of the rarest kratom caps with exceptional quality then why not check out our Maeng Da Caps! We buy our Maeng Da fresh harvested then package it quickly to lock in the high alkaloid content. We are proud to bring you kratom caps and we know you will appreciate the quality when you experience it. We even pay shipping when you order two or more bottles!