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Lose Weight Organically!

Do you want to lose weight? Have you ever thought about kratom for losing weight? If not- read on because you may be surprised to learn that studies show that kratom can help you lose weight.

The department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at a university in Thailand completed a study that showed decreased overall intake of food when kratom was used regularly for 60 days. Moreover, the long-term administration also significantly suppressed weight gaining.

Try a Natural Approach to Losing the Weight

Gosh, with that information why would you spend hundreds of dollars on weight loss pills? There are a multitude of companies out there that are very good with marketing. By putting those products in front of people so often, they seem to just about convince people that they work. What their marketing is really doing is lining their pockets- cha ching! Whether it’s a drink, a powder, a pill, a sprinkle on your food (that works- yeah right!). Well, maybe some of them do, but what else are they asking you to put in your body?

Kratom is a 100% organic substance that can not only provide a wonderful mental focus and energy, but has also been proven to help you lose weight. It’s easy squeezie lemon pleasy! Now is the time to give it a look. Hey, and it won’t cost you hundreds of dollars to see if it works for you! Get an ounce of Maeng Da and let kratom help you lose weight organically. Or, if you are feeling creative……..why not make some kratom soup?!

kratom soup

We have the recipe for you here on our blog at kratom soup! You can make it on Sunday and have it for lunch throughout the week- it’s a really great way to enjoy your kratom and lose weight organically.






There has been a lot of incorrect kratom information and hype in the media lately that kratom is a drug and that it can hurt you. We thought we would “tell it like it is” for those new to kratom so they get unbiased and correct kratom information and are not mislead by the irresponsible media (and big pharma who steer the media).


Here’s your correct kratom information!

Kratom is nothing more than a plant, a plant that grows into a tree that is native to South America. Kratom is from the coffee family and just like coffee, it is not a drug, however, some might consider coffee a drug because it contains caffeine.

Either way, the effects of coffee we know all too well. It gives you a burst of energy and lasts but a few hours. Kratom effects on the other hand are similar to the coffee effects but there are no “nervous jitters” if you use too much. Instead you get tired and want to go to sleep (which is good for those who need help sleeping).

One difference between coffee and kratom is that kratom’s effects last a lot longer and there is no “come down” from it. The effects just gently fade almost unnoticeably.

But the biggest difference is the fact that for many of us coffee tends to have an effect on our heart rate and nervousness. Unlike coffee, which can be felt in your heart, kratom is more physically felt in the brain. Specifically the serotonin receptors and the opiate receptors in your brain. These are the “pleasure” palaces in the brain. Your body makes serotonin naturally, but with the extra ‘kick” from kratom, you are able to feel more serotonin like effects and that translates into a “feel good” state of well being. The opiate receptors receive the signal from the kratom to kill any pain you might be experiencing when you use it- and this is very effective for those with any type of pain including chronic pain, and for those experiencing withdrawal symptoms from previous opiate use.

More correct kratom information: another significant difference is that if you are a regular coffee user and one day you don’t have any, you tend to get a major headache (ouch been there)! Kratom on the other hand is not addicting and on a day when you do not use kratom you won’t notice any difference. And by the way, its best if you don’t use kratom every day because you don’t want to build up a tolerance and then have to take a lot more to get the same effect.

In summary- we think this correct kratom information is important. Kratom is a miraculous plant, it is 100% organic, and it has many positive uses. People say kratom is good for all sorts of things like: feeling good; a feeling of being well, energy, focus, pain, chronic pain, sleep, coughing, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and also withdrawal from opiate use.

So there you have it-there’s the low down on kratom- check out the many creative uses we have come acrossed at how do you like your kratom and have a great day!


The Best Kratom- Where can you get it?

best kratomThe best kratom- where can you get it? You found it here at Kratom Divine! As anyone who’s tried more than a few kratom brands can tell you, not all kratom is created equal. Sure, kratom strain effects are generally described as subtly stimulating in small amounts, and relaxing and analgesic in larger doses. But, some kratom products surely convey more pronounced stimulating, relaxing, or analgesic effects than others. What we are referring to is the best kratom and it is available here at Kratom Divine.

Obviously, the freshness of the leaves used, and methods of cultivation and processing factor into the potency and effects of all kratom products on the market. That’s why we are so picky about where we get our kratom from and we only work with the most reputable source available. Our kratom farmer prepares for us only the best third grind kratom and it is so finely powdered when we receive it- it’s like silk. You can tell the quality immediately when you open in and smell it and see the micro-powder; you know it’s the best kratom.

However, most who partake will tell you the specific kratom strain used has a lot to do with the overall “feel” of the kratom used. If you are looking for quick yet lasting energy, try Maeng Da, the most popular strain. It is reported to last for many hours.

If it’s pain relief you are seeking, Premium Bali is your sure bet. South American’s have been using Bali kratom for centuries for their aches and pains-why not you?

For those who desire a more maxing and relaxing strain, Red Vein Thai. Our followers report a mildly sedating effect from our red vein.

Customers also report the Malaysian Green makes them just feel good overall. It’s a great choice when Maeng Da is a bit too energetic.

Either way- you will always find the best quality kratom here at Kratom Divine. Our reputation depends on it and to us- our reputation is everything!

Kratoms Stimulant Effects

 Kratoms Stimulant Effects

kratom as a stimulant

At lower doses, the natives of Southeast Asia have known Kratoms stimulant effects for hundreds of years. Kratom is in the same family as the coffee tree (Rubiaceae). Kratom also shares many of the same stimulative properties as coffee.

Most would agree that Kratom is stronger than coffee,


and also has a longer lasting effect………….. without the jitters!

When using kratoms stimulant effects, one can feel more alert and clear headed, promoting physical energy, stamina, motivation and sometimes sexual energy and libido.

Our Maeng Da is well known for it’s quality effect, try some today! You will love kratom because it is very subtle yet effective.

We Love Our Customers!

Thanks for choosing Kratom Divine! We just want to take time out of our busy schedule to let you know that we truly appreciate your business. We at Kratom Divine aim to please and we are here for you- heck we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you! So here goes a big shout out to the awesome Kratom folks who visit our website and use our products- Thank You All!!

Did you know?

If you are one who has already treated yourself to our phenomenal Maeng Da Caps, then you are a cut above the rest, however, for those who haven’t- what are you waiting for? Our Kratom is always top quality, organically grown, and unadulterated- that means nothing is ever added!


Benefits of KRATOM!


Here’s a list of Kratom benefits we found reported in the highly respected Journal of Medical Toxicology: The benefits of Kratom use include analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antitussive, antihypertensive, local anesthetic, hypoglycemic, antidiarrheal, and antimalarial effects; other purported benefits include improving circulation, relieving muscle pain, and prolonging sexual intercourse. Journal of Medical Toxicology by Rosenbaum, C.D., Carreiro, S.P., & Babu, K. M. doi:  10.1007/s13181-011-0202-2. If you have found our Kratom to be beneficial to you we would appreciate it if you would please share that information in the review of the product on the review page-help us spread the word!